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Percussion + Saxophone 

An exciting new way to do cocktail music! This sample video showcases the sounds of a live Saxophone along with a Percussionist to create a modern sophisticated sound. We can provide a fresh alternative to the usual "Cocktail Hour" routine by combining sexy lounge electronica with live instruments. Its similar to a Buddha Bar, Thievery Corporation, 5AM Pacha After-Party vibe.

(Turn on your computer speakers/volume please!)

DJ + Percussion + Saxophone 

This is the ultimate entertainment package including a DJ playing music along with a Percussionist and Saxophone player. In addition to the wedding circuit, our talent have been residents at every major club in NYC including: Lavo, Pacha, Pink Elephant, Buddha Bar, French Tuesdays, Hudson Terrance and others.

What can we bring to the table that other percussionists don't? Two set-ups, a stationary and mobile one. They begin on a stationary rig and upon request can switch and walk around the venue, playing directly to guests. Adults and kids love the interaction and leave feeling happy and entertained.

DJ+ Steel Drum Percussionist

The steal drum percussionist is recommended as an innovative addition to any DJ package. Steel drums can bring a different vibe that makes digital music pop and bring a live performance feel. 

Give us a call to book a DJ and Percussion Duo Package for your affair. (Turn up your speakers and give it a listen!)

Watch the video's from our featured performers: Crystal Vargas and Howi Bongo.

String Musicians

Perfect for Ceremony Music as well as a classy way to do cocktail hour. Contact us to find out more about how the violin and cello can add an amazing performance to your reception.

We can offer a Single, Duo, Trio or Quartet! Choose from Violin, Cello, Keyboard, or Harp

Acoustic Guitar

Another great option for Ceremony, Cocktail and Dinner, acoustic guitar evokes a classy and romantic vibe. Call now to find out pricing and to speak with our exclusive performer Danny Puma. Danny has been in a number of bands and started playing as a child.